There’s an an ancient proverb that says “The morning hour has gold in its mouth.”

But if you’re an early riser, you’ve experienced how hard it can be to wrestle the precious metal out the morning’s jaws!

That’s why every ultra-productive person you can think of has dedicated time into building a rock-solid routine that sets their morning on fire. A ritual that:

  • establishes positive momentum for the rest of the day
  • optimizes your physical energy
  • prepares you for the challenges that await you — or prevents them altogether and
  • helps you get mentally focused and present in the moment.

We know that there are countless ideas about what the perfect morning routine looks like. We also know that everyone is unique. That means no routine is perfect for everyone.

That being the case, here are 3 powerful practices you may not have already heard 1,000 times that we think are worth exploring.

Physical: “Be Like Water…”

…or at least jolt your body awake with it.

Before he bought a cryotherapy tank, Tony Robbins would start each morning with 5 minutes in a by immersing himself in cold water (57 degrees F, 14 degrees C) for a full minute. “There is nothing that can change everything in your system like a radical change in temperature,” he says.

If case you don’t have a cold-plunge pool at your disposal, you can substitute a cold shower.

The idea may be intimidating at first, but don’t worry; the more you do it, the easier it gets.

Facing this kind of challenge first thing in the morning summons his willpower for the rest of the day. Sticking to an uncomfortable routine no matter how your body feels serves as a daily reminder that you can conquer whatever you set your mind to.

Mental: Flex your idea muscle

Bestselling author and mad genius James Altucher writes down 10 ideas every single morning. This needs to be easy and stress-free, so he accepts any kind of idea that pops in his mind: the plot of a screenplay you’d like to see, a new use for rubber bands, whatever.

The practice of thinking creatively and jotting down your thoughts focuses your mind on POSSIBILITIES and injects a little fun into your first hour. Plus, over time, you may eventually stumble across a million-dollar idea

Emotional: Get a quick ‘W’ under your belt

Do something that gives you a sense of accomplishment and forward momentum early in the day. Getting a quick win can start a cascade of more, bigger wins in the hours ahead.

Predetermine what you’re going to check off your list the next morning before going to bed. That way you don’t have to waste you time and energy picking something — you can just do it.

Tim Ferriss (and Navy SEALs) makes his bed first thing in the morning to start the domino effect.

One thing that we’ve started doing that impacts all 3 aspects – the physical, mental and emotional — is making Tea of Titans part of our morning rituals.

Drinking the tea hydrates and changes the temperature of the body, stimulates the mind and just makes us feel good.

We’ve noticed that we’re more productive and energetic throughout the day AND less hungry and easily frustrated since we started drinking this special blend daily.

Tea of Titans has literally changed our lives. It has helped improve our energy levels and focus in the morning — even when we didn’t get enough sleep the night before. Drinking the tea with cream and coconut oil makes a fasting day almost effortless. It’s keto-friendly. Plus, it tastes great (if we may say so ourselves).