The underground stem of the ginger plant is very useful and can be consumed fresh, powdered, or made dried to make a spice. It is a common ingredient for cooking delicious cuisine in Indian and Asian countries.  But, it does even more. It has medicinal properties that are found to be very useful for many years pass in many different cultures. The following are the list of reasons why ginger is widely used.


  1. Helpful when experiencing motion sickness. When you travel by bus, plane, and when standing in a high place, you may experience nausea. These are some common reason why people suffer from it. Ginger can be a healing treatment. Those who consume fresh ginger or powdered that is turned into hot juice will less likely to suffer.


  1. The best remedy for cold and flu. Ginger has become a natural remedy to heal simple sickness such as cold and flu. Many experienced that it helps them stabilized their immune system. It is also now wonder that ginger in hot juice can a form of healing when consumed by those having throat problems such as inflamed tonsil.


  1. A relief when heart burn attacks. Ginger in the form of tea can be a first aid remedy when one is experiencing heart burn.


  1. Good remedy for morning sickness. This is most likely experienced by pregnant women. A review has shown that ginger is effective as vitamin B6 which good for morning sickness.


  1. It helps fight stomach problems.  An excruciating pain that one might experience when having stomach discomfort may be reduced by ginger. It helps in reducing inflammation in the stomach.


  1. Heals some respiratory problems such as cough. Ginger is a natural expectorant that enables your lungs to expand and loosen up the phlegm. Thus, helping you to breathe despite difficulties.


  1. Absorbs the nutrients well. The food that you take in to the body may need to be absorb with the help of some enzymes in your stomach. Ginger is in the best position to stimulate enzymes.


  1. Maintaining the normal circulation of the blood. Ginger can produce in the body a number of vitamins and minerals that are helpful in blood circulation. These are zinc, magnesium, and chromium.


  1. Immune System Booster. Ginger has components that can help improve  immune system. One of the thing it protects the body is by battling some throat irritation and cough problem before they get worst.


  1. It helps in reducing muscle pain and soreness. When you consume a hot ginger drink one time day by day, it can help ease muscle pain when it attacks due to an exhausted activity.


  1. Helps in lowering blood sugar. Ginger contain an anti-diabetic properties that lowers blood sugar. This has been proved when conducted a study between those that has ginger in take and those did not have. The result for those who had ginger in take is amazingly surprising, their cholesterol level lowered in 12%.