What is Pu-erh tea? It is a tea that is made in Yunnan, China. It is used as a healing. In Hong Kong and China, Pu-erh is consumed after a heavy and oily meal. A good quality of this tea tastes like earthy or mushroomy. The shape varies which makes this tea distinctive. Sometimes the tea is shaped like bricks, cakes, or tiny bowls. One of the most fascinating this is how this tea is processed, fermented for 3-5 years which gives it  a unique taste. This unusual tea has rich health benefits.

A cleansing beverage

In Chinese traditional herbalism, Pu-erh is consumed to warm the middle burner (the stomach). It is also of great benefit for blood cleansing and is good for digestive activity. Yes, all of us consume amount of food that contains acids and radicals that build up in our body. By choosing Pu-erh tea as part of our nutritional diet, we will be removing such toxins everyday and making our body healthier.

Helps in Weight Loss

According to one study, It is a help in weight loss because it suppresses fatty acid synthesis. This means that the amount of fats that your body normally produces will be lessen. Additionally, the caffeine found in pu-erh tea has the ability to increase mobilization of stored fats.However, do not expect this to be the sole reason for your weight loss, you lifestyle and exercise can be a great factor also. Drinking pu-erh tea and make it part of your healthy diet is a helpful thing.

Reduces the Stress and Aids in Sleep

Pu-erh tea has micro-organism and phyto-chemicals that contains theanine. This content has the ability to reduce the stress level and increase melatonin in the brain which results in stabilized mood and improved sleep patterns.

Prevents Illnesses

Just like other teas, pu-erh tea is full of anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which are great help for the prevention of numerous possible diseases in the body. It has also phyto-chemicals that helps the body fight free radicals that enters the body.

Helps in Digestion

The pu-erh tea contains micro-organisms that increase healthy bacterial flora in the intestines. Thus, by having these micro-organism, breaking down of food becomes easy. This is the reason why pu-erh tea is used to consume buy Chinese people after their heavy and oily meals.