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How did these Titanium Tea Blends happen anyway?

It all started when co-founder Monique discovered Titanium Tea in her favourite author Tim Ferriss’ book, Tools of Titans, and decided to give it a try. After going through the ingredient list, she also discovered that she had everything she needed to make the tea in the cupboard – Pu-erh, green tea, turmeric powder and ginger powder.

After excitedly making the first Titanium Tea Blend, there was just one problem. It… was… AWFUL! The turmeric and ginger powders formed a yellow slimy blob of a mixture that settled down at the bottom of the cup AND it was completely undrinkable.

Despite a very disappointing first encounter, Monique still believed in the concept but she knew she needed to find a way to make it taste better. After researching on what could be done to improve the tea, there was one major concern – powdered Turmeric was often mixed with cornstarch so that companies could increase their profits.

Monique decided the only way to know for sure what she was drinking was to get dried chopped pieces of the actual root and skip the powder altogether. It was a simple solution and yet it took months to find whole Turmeric root but when she did, Monique knew that she’d never drink Titanium Tea any other way again.

Monique’s husband and Co-founder Justin hates coffee but as part of his Ketogenic diet needed an alternative to Bulletproof Coffee™. Titanium Tea was the perfect substitute. With mornings starting at 5 am and occasional 14 hour days, Justin wanted something that would be fuel for the day.

Monique made the blend for him and not only did he love it, he noticed it helped him to get more done in a day and left him feeling energized.  That’s when the couple realized that this tea needs to be shared, but first it needed to be perfected.

It took 4 months to find a reliable, premium supply of dried Turmeric root that wasn’t loaded with heavy metals and other contaminants and when we finally sourced it, Tea of Titans™ was born.

Tea of Titans™ is a blend of certified organic teas and herbs that have been engineered for taste and performance. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.



Tea of Titans™ gives you a kick of energy without the caffeine crash


Every ingredient used in Tea of Titan’s products is certified organic and has been lab tested for quality. Each shipment arrives at our facility with a certificate of analysis so you can rest assured you’re drinking the best in every single cup. This makes it a very healthy beverage, especially if you’re consuming it every day.

We only offer whole leaf tea blends because that’s the best way to ensure a rich flavor and lots of antioxidants.

Each tea blend is formulated to provide a slow release of energy for 3-4 hours, it also keeps you alert and focused without the crash that comes from using caffeine. We love to combine our tea with a dash of cinnamon and a tsp of MCT oil to keep us feeling satisfied during intermittent fasting and as a part of our Ketogenic diet in general.

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How does Tea of Titans Work?


Step 1

Add a slightly heaping teaspoon to a cup of boiling water


Step 2

Strain after 3-5 minutes and drink when warm (MCT oil, butter or cream optional)


Step 3

Feel energized for 3-4 hours without the caffeine crash